Why MyVR

Grow faster, drive more revenue

More money, more growth, one platform.

MyVR is the modern, flexible and reliable platform of choice for fast-growing property managers. Our customers have seen our 3-part foundation promote scaling quickly and efficiently, but enjoy the freedom of personalizing the experience to their specific needs.

MyVR has helped customers...

Increase Revenue


Grow Inventory


Grow Direct Bookings


Sophisticated tech that's simple to use

You don’t have the time to waste on multiple pieces of confusing software. MyVR’s easy-to-use interface with built-in access to modern features creates a reliable platform that makes running your business simple.

One System (To rule them all)

Our all-in-one solution combines data from multiple channels into one unified inbox, calendar and dashboard. Log in once and find everything from start to finish is at your fingertips.

Built-in Channel Accuracy

Direct integrations with the top 5 channels ensures your data is always up-to-date without any latency. Reduce double bookings, guarantee rate parity and never worry about data accuracy again!


Using the same software day-in and day-out should be a pleasant experience! MyVR’s engineering focus on intuitive design and ease-of-use, we continue to iterate with daily updates to improve even the tiniest aspects of your experience.

Website independence

MyVR includes a robust drag-and-drop website builder, giving you a beautiful, search-engine-optimized, mobile-optimized, and bookable website. Grow direct bookings and build your brand online — no technical experience required.

Freedom and flexibility to scale how you want

MyVR is a partner that grows with your success. As your business changes, you have ownership to adjust and evolve the MyVR platform to fit your new needs.

Application marketplace

With a click of the mouse, leading applications are directly integrated into your account. Connect with cleaning services, home automation systems, and pricing managers to enhance your business without the headache.

Open API

Easily add functions or custom connections to any tool, app or boutique listing site with our open API. Designed by experts in the field, property managers and computer engineers love the freedom and versatility it brings to a business.

Data portability

Maintain control and ownership over your data with the ability to import and export all of your information from MyVR for custom reporting and analysis.

Supporting you is priority one

MyVR believes software is only as good as the support behind it,
so we provide a knowledgeable and accessible team you can rely on.

Live, one-on-one onboarding

Eliminate costly errors with live, one-on-one onboarding. We set your listings live, walk you through the MyVR platform, and complete the remainder of the process with limited effort from you.

Technical Guidance

MyVR developers are embedded in customer support requests. Our engineers rotate through support shifts to help solve technical issues. So you get direct help from the people who built the platform.

Fast, precise customer service

Work closely with dedicated members of our customer support team who are intimately familiar with the product and have direct lines of communication with MyVR’s engineering team.

Channel support

We use our direct, long-standing relationships with the top 5 major online travel channels, and over 70+ listing sites to advocate for you and your business. The only team you need is MyVR!