Inquiry & quote management

Messages from your email address and website, listing sites, and social media — now you can respond to all your vacation rental inquiries on-the-go through one centralized inbox.

One inbox for all your inquiries

Funnel all inquiries into one place

  • Get email, web inquiries, and messages from sites like HomeAway, VRBO, TripAdvisor, Expedia,, and Airbnb in your MyVR inbox.
  • Keep track of correspondence by linking new messages to existing reservations and guest profiles.

Respond immediately, wherever you are

  • Reply to messages and send quotes from your mobile phone
  • Cut your response times with an unlimited number of message templates
  • Drag and drop fields into templates to auto-insert data about a property, guest, or reservation details
  • Choose templates when responding to a message, or use them to automate your communication

Customize quotes to suit the situation

  • Give guests multiple quotes to choose from
  • Modify existing quotes
  • Send updated quotes with proposed modifications to existing reservations
  • Set up booking policies to use as default quote settings.

Get ahead of follow-up and admin

  • Put expiration dates on quotes to encourage guests to confirm their bookings, so you don’t need to leave those dates open indefinitely
  • Block off your calendar to hold dates for a quote
  • Set a standard payment schedule as the default for new quotes or create custom schedules as needed
  • Attach rental contracts to quotes for guests to review.