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17 Questions about "Rates"

What are the pros and cons of charging for damage insurance?

I currently take a security deposit, but am thinking about just charging for insurance instead.

What are the pros and cons of accepting a security deposit for my vacation rental?

I currently charge for damage insurance, but am thinking about switching.

Should I take a security deposit or charge for insurance?

What do other vacation rental owners do?

How do I collect taxes for my vacation rental?

I know I should be collecting taxes, but how do I keep track of them?

Should I be collecting taxes on my vacation rental?

I'm not sure if I need to collect taxes or what kind of tax. Where do I find this out?

What are the different types of vacation rental deposits?

Which ones are standard and what are average deposit amounts for vacation rentals?

I think my vacation rental rates are too low. What should I do?

How do I compare to my competitors and effectively raise my rates if need be?

I think my vacation rental rates are too high. What should I do?

How do I evaluate them objectively and make the right decision?

How do I evaluate my vacation rental rates?

I'm not sure if I’m charging the right amount to cover my costs and compete.

How do I determine what seasons are applicable for my rental?

I just bought my vacation rental and the competition seems to have mixed dates for high and low seasons. How do I determine which ones I should use?

How do I set my vacation rental rates?

How do I analyze the competition and know what rates to set for which seasons?

Should I look at hotels when researching my vacation rental rates?

I've I heard that shouldn't compare hotel rates to vacation rental rates, I don't really understand the competitive landscape.

A traveler asked for a discount. How do I say no or negotiate better rate?

I received an inquiry from a traveler asking for a discount off my published rate. Should I consider the offer and negotiate or stand firm on my rates?

Should I offer a repeat guest discount?

If guests return to my property a second or third time, should I be offering them a discount?

I've got a 3-night minimum for my rental, but a guest only wants to book it for the weekend. What should I do?

Typically I want a renter to stay for at least 3 nights because it's costly to turn over the property sooner and provides me with more stable revenue. But, I often get requests for less than 3 nights.

I'm trying to fill a vacancy for a last-minute cancellation and the traveler asked for a discount. What should I do?

Another traveler canceled at the last minute and I've got another traveler to fill the space, but they want a discount.

How do you figure out what rates to charge for your vacation rental?

I’m trying to set rates for my vacation rental, but I don’t know to make sure they’re competitive. Do you have any tips?