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15 Questions about "Marketing"

Why should I have a video for my vacation rental?

A lot of guests have been asking me to send them a video of my property.

What are some specific examples of things I can post to my vacation rental Facebook Page?

Can you share some real examples of what I would write to my fans?

Why should I list my vacation rental on Yahoo local?

My address will appear in the search results, which concerns me, but is it worth it overall for the added exposure to my business?

What features should my mobile website have?

I want a mobile version of my vacation rental website. What should it include?

Should I have a mobile version of my vacation rental website?

If so, how do I even go about doing this?

Should I create a brochure for my vacation rental?

I always see those rack brochures at tourism offices. Should I create one for my home?

How do I promote last-minute availability at my vacation rental?

There's a holiday coming up and I'm not booked yet. How do I get the word out and quick?

What local information should I publish on my website?

How much information about the area is relevant to travelers?

What information should I have on my new vacation rental website?

Please provide a checklist of all the items I should consider when building my site.

What kinds of photos should I post on Pinterest?

Obviously I have my vacation rental home photos, but what else should I pin?

Should I market my vacation rental on Pinterest?

Is it worth the time and energy? Do other owners get results there?

Should I join my local chamber of commerce to promote my vacation rental?

A few other owners are listed in my area. Does it make sense for me?

Can I target both vacation and corporate travelers for my rental?

I currently have a vacation rental that I target to leisure travelers, but I'm thinking of trying to attract corporate travelers during the off season.

What should I include in the local guide for my vacation rental?

I want to create a guide to share with my guests about the local area around my vacation rental.

What are some distinct travel themes or niche marketing trends I might be able to take advantage of for my vacation rental?

I want to make sure my home stands out so a theme or niche might help me do this.