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12 Questions about "Maintenance"

What are some ways I can make my vacation rental more eco-friendly?

I want to green my home and reduce my home's impact (and guest's) impact on the environment.

What items should be on my vacation rental checkout procedure?

I want to leave a checklist for guests so they don't forget anything before they leave.

Can you recommend a system to program my lights?

I want to turn lights on and off when I'm away from my vacation rental.

Can you recommend a remote thermostat system for my vacation rental?

I want to be able to control the temperature when guests are away.

Can you recommend a keyless entry system for my vacation rental?

I want a lock that allows renters to enter my home without having to change the locks or give them keys.

What amenities are considered essentials for my home?

Should I have towels, soap, a stocked pantry? What kinds of things do I need to get started?

I heard that some preventative maintenance can help reduce my insurance costs. Is that true?

If so, does it matter if I do the maintenance myself or do I need it done by a licensed professional?

I'm having plumbing problems at my vacation rental. Should I hire a professional?

I have an older home and need to redo some of the plumbing. Is it realistic I could take this on myself or should I hire a pro?

I'm having electrical problems at my vacation rental. Should I hire a professional?

It's clear I need some electrical work done at my property. Is it easy to tackle myself or should I hire a pro?

Should I do my own vacation rental maintenance or hire a professional?

I consider myself pretty handy, but are there risks I should consider in doing it myself or just hire a professional?

What should I make sure my housekeeper doesn't miss?

I just hired a housekeeper for my vacation rental. What items should I make sure they clean regularly?

How can I better prepare my home and guests in the case of a disaster or emergency?

During the recent hurricane my vacation rental was unoccupied, but I couldn’t help but think about what I would have done should it have been rented. What should I do to prepare my home and my guests if there is an emergency?