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8 Questions about "Listing Sites"

I get a lot of tire kickers who just want to know my rates and whether their dates are available, but never book. What am I doing wrong?

Is there a better way to turn away those just browsing and better attract those looking to book?

How do I set my vacation rental rates?

How do I analyze the competition and know what rates to set for which seasons?

Should I look at hotels when researching my vacation rental rates?

I've I heard that shouldn't compare hotel rates to vacation rental rates, I don't really understand the competitive landscape.

How do I add a link to my website on HomeAway or VRBO?

I’ve got a HomeAway and VRBO listing and want to make sure I link to my vacation rental website.

What can I do to make sure my VRBO listing stands out?

I've just created a new listing on VRBO and I want to make sure I look different than my competition.

I want to target corporate travelers for my vacation rental. How do I get started?

I think my vacation rental would be perfect for renting to corporate travelers in the off-season.

What can I do to make sure my HomeAway listing stands out?

I just created a new listing on HomeAway, but there are so many other homes in my area. How do I make sure my home stands out among the crowd?

What goes into the headline of a vacation rental listing?

I want to write listing headlines that people will click on. What makes one better than another?