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7 Questions about "Insurance"

What are the pros and cons of charging for damage insurance?

I currently take a security deposit, but am thinking about just charging for insurance instead.

What are the pros and cons of accepting a security deposit for my vacation rental?

I currently charge for damage insurance, but am thinking about switching.

Should I take a security deposit or charge for insurance?

What do other vacation rental owners do?

What is a good cancellation policy for my rental?

I want to be strict, but also flexible so renters aren't turned off from my home.

What are the different types of vacation rental deposits?

Which ones are standard and what are average deposit amounts for vacation rentals?

I heard that some preventative maintenance can help reduce my insurance costs. Is that true?

If so, does it matter if I do the maintenance myself or do I need it done by a licensed professional?

What kind of insurance do I need in a disaster for my vacation rental?

With the recent hurricane in the northeast I started thinking about what kind of insurance coverage I might need to protect me, my guests, and my home in the case of an emergency.