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14 Questions about "Inquiries"

My friends and family always want to stay at my rental. How do I handle this special situation?

I don't want to turn them away, but I do run a business.

Should I give my friends a discount to stay at my vacation rental?

My friends and family ask to stay at my rental. Should I give them a discount?

Should I let friends stay at my vacation rental for free?

Some friends have asked to stay at my home for free. Should I let them?

What are some auto-responder examples for my vacation rental?

I set up an automatic response email for new inquirers. What should I put in the email?

I get a lot of tire kickers who just want to know my rates and whether their dates are available, but never book. What am I doing wrong?

Is there a better way to turn away those just browsing and better attract those looking to book?

I get a lot of inquiries, but very few actually convert into bookings. What am I doing wrong?

How do I get more people who inquire on my property to actually book?

How can I make sure I’m meeting the expectations of international travelers?

I often get requests from international travelers and inevitably something comes up that I hadn’t encountered in the past. What should I do to make sure I am communicating the right information up front?

I just went paperless for my vacation rental business, but how do I make sure I don't lose any important data?

What are important steps I should take to make sure I don't lose any data?

How can I make my vacation rental business paperless?

I want to reduce waste and be more environmentally friendly.

A traveler asked for a discount. How do I say no or negotiate better rate?

I received an inquiry from a traveler asking for a discount off my published rate. Should I consider the offer and negotiate or stand firm on my rates?

I've got a 3-night minimum for my rental, but a guest only wants to book it for the weekend. What should I do?

Typically I want a renter to stay for at least 3 nights because it's costly to turn over the property sooner and provides me with more stable revenue. But, I often get requests for less than 3 nights.

I'm trying to fill a vacancy for a last-minute cancellation and the traveler asked for a discount. What should I do?

Another traveler canceled at the last minute and I've got another traveler to fill the space, but they want a discount.

I always get inquiries asking for my "best available rate." How should I respond?

Most of the inquiry emails I get are from travelers asking to negotiate or bargain for my best available rate.

I received a suspicious email inquiry for my vacation rental. What should I do?

I received an inquiry for my vacation rental and the email didn't look quite right. What should I do next?