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Why should I have a video for my vacation rental?

A lot of guests have been asking me to send them a video of my property.

Asked By: Mike

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1 Answers


There's a classic line when it comes to salesmanship: "Show, don't tell." Photography is a given in the vacation home market, but video is an often-overlooked way to sell your home, too. 
We're only now entering an era when taking a video with a compact camera or cell/smartphone is widely doable. So do it! It won't take longer than an afternoon to shoot, edit and upload a quick minute- or two-minute-long video to YouTube, and it will show that you've gone the extra distance to display your rental home in a realistic light.
Be sure to keep your video light and simple. Highlight whatever makes your home unique: its features, surroundings or view. Take viewers on a virtual tour to really show them what you're offering. At worst, a few dozen people will view it (at best, a few thousand), and it doesn't have to cost you a dime. 
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