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What should I consider before renting my home during a local event in town?

Every year my town has a couple of big events and I'm thinking about renting out my home during these weeks.

1 Answers


Renting out your home is a great way to earn a little extra cash on the side. While it may sound easy enough, you still need to consider a lot of things first before jumping in into this kind of business.

First off, do research on the local events and functions that will be taking place near your neighborhood; there's a huge chance that most of your tenants will be attending these. The next step is to check with your local homeowner's association and governmental bodies regarding the rules that govern rental issues like insurance, taxes, health code, and fire safety.

Don't forget to advertise! It is highly recommended to get your own website, but you can also promote your rental home on local newspapers, social media, listing sites, and Craigslist.

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