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What kinds of photos should I post on Pinterest?

Obviously I have my vacation rental home photos, but what else should I pin?

Asked By: Mike

Tags: Advertising Marketing

1 Answers

If you want to use Pinterest effectively to sell your vacation home, there's one basic rule to follow: don't try too hard. Once you’ve created a Pinterest account, don't upload only photos of your home, or else other users will see through your ruse and probably ignore it altogether. Keep it creative but topical.

The key is to actually participate in the communities by posting not only photos of your vacation home, but also photos relevant to it. If you're promoting a beachfront house, maybe a board dedicated to beach activities—kites, iced tea, volleyball. Summer clothes. Sea life. Using Pinterest as a marketing tool is as easy as simply using the medium. Once you start, you'll probably discover how it got so popular in the first place.