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What is the best way to stage my vacation rental for photos?

I'm taking photos for my vacation rental and want to make sure I stage it in the best possible light.

1 Answers


The best way to stage a vacation rental for the photos that will bring tourists to the doors is to identify the best features and present them simply. Clean, comfortable accommodations are often more appealing than trendy furniture and accessories. A relaxing pool or garden should look its best, with seating arranged to make the area an inviting place to recharge after aday of sightseeing.

Clear out the clutter of each area. Pay special attention to mirrors and reflective objects that may show more than you are willing to expose. If there is a spectacular view from the window, choose a day with good weather and lighting, and make sure that the vista is included in the frame of the photo. Avoid photographing open windows during bad weather. Draw the drapes and find another appealing focus of the room.

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