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What goes into the headline of a vacation rental listing?

I want to write listing headlines that people will click on. What makes one better than another?

1 Answers

Crafting the perfect headline to advertise your vacation rental can be tricky. You need to highlight the key features but keep it short. The ideal headline should be about 70 characters long. So how do you pack it all in? Try focusing on these 5 attributes:

  • Think of words that convey a unique aspect of your home
  • Clearly define the type of property it is: villa, cabin, apartment, etc.
  • Highlight some of its special amenities, e.g., hot tub, deck, WiFi
  • Describe what type of travelers it’s best suited for, i.e., family-friendly or pet-friendly
  • Specify proximity to featured attractions like ski slopes, beach access, etc.

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