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What domain name should I pick for my website?

I just created a website for my vacation rental and now I need to choose a domain name for it. How do I choose one that is easy to remember and is search engine friendly?

1 Answers

There are so many options, but every time you come up with a name I’m sure it feels like it’s already taken. Here’s some tips to think about when choosing the URL for your website:

  • Think like a potential renter - what keywords would they use to search for your vacation rental?
  • Describe your property - is it a beach house, ski rental, or overlooking the lake?
  • Go for .com - always choose a .com version over .net, .co, or .me
  • Search for variations - see who owns similar domain names and what they’re being used for
  • Make it easy to say and spell
  • Keep it short and sweet

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