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What can I do to make sure my VRBO listing stands out?

I've just created a new listing on VRBO and I want to make sure I look different than my competition.

1 Answers

In order for your listing to stand out, knowing what to include is immensely important. The fundamental practices for reader-interest are:

  • Start off strong, with a headline which grabs interest.
  • Use alliteration, puns or similar techniques.
  • Include details about every single aspect of your property, and the location. Is it family friendly? What are the features and amenities? And so on.
  • Always include photographs of the property and the area. Travelers are wary of listings without them.
  • Include a complete availability calendar.
  • Finally, check your spelling and grammar.

Don't make your writing too complex, or it will drive people away (they want to travel, not read an essay).