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What are the different classifications of property managers?

Some seem to do marketing, some management, some both. It's very confusing.

Asked By: Mike

Tags: Property Management

1 Answers


It's not as complicated as it seems. There are four types of property management, outlined below.  A longer discussion of the different options can be read here.
  • You can do it entirely yourself, which will take the most amount of time and may become close to (if not more than) a full-time job. You'll still have to ask friends or family for help sometimes--assuming you ever want time to yourself.
  • You can employ the services of a full-service vacation rental agency, which will do the most work for you and also cost the most of these four options. The agency will act as landlord, maintenance, bookkeeping and marketing.
  • You can hire a property manager to act as de facto landlord. Your manager should stick near your vacation rental home to handle upkeep and utilitarian problems during your guests' stay.
  • The last option is a booking service, which is effectively the opposite of a property manager: they won't mow your lawn, but they'll handle your reservations and sometimes marketing.