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What amenities are considered essentials for my home?

Should I have towels, soap, a stocked pantry? What kinds of things do I need to get started?

Asked By: Mike

Tags: Maintenance New to Renting

1 Answers

There are a few optional bonuses, but generally a vacation home's mandatory items are self-evident. If you think they'll need it, include it.

In the kitchen, be sure to include a wide range of utensils, a microwave, pots and pans, silverware, dish soap, a garbage can and a kettle. Things that are optional would be things not strictly necessary: a dishwasher, for example, or a toaster and coffee maker.

Bathrooms must have towels for each guest, enough toilet paper, shower curtains, a mirror, a toilet brush and a plunger. (You're really only saving yourself time and trouble with those last two.) Beach towels and non-stick bath mats are a nice bonus.

Bedrooms ought to have a clock, at least one set of clean linens and pillowcases, a proper bed and mattress (hopefully obvious!) and a well-lit bedside table.

You can also check out this complete and thorough list of what's expected and what’s a bonus.