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Should I join my local chamber of commerce to promote my vacation rental?

A few other owners are listed in my area. Does it make sense for me?

Asked By: Mike

Tags: Advertising Marketing

1 Answers

The short answer is “probably.” There's no real drawback; at worst, they won't recognize your vacation rental service as a small business. If they do, however, the benefits are tangible.

They'll open a gateway for you to achieve new networking opportunities through simple word of mouth, or else enable you specific advertising opportunities. This is key if you have a client base in mind; if you're targeting corporate clients, for example, you can browse their network for companies that draw clients to your area and compound your businesses.

Even just the fact that you're connected to them might boast enough credibility amongst potential clients wary of being ripped off. Some businesses even offer discounts to other members. Think of it like a club: once you're in, you'll be glad you are.