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Should I do my own vacation rental maintenance or hire a professional?

I consider myself pretty handy, but are there risks I should consider in doing it myself or just hire a professional?

Asked By: Mike

Tags: Maintenance New to Renting Property Management

1 Answers

There are obviously going to be risks when you tackle home improvement on your own; if those risks become serious issues, you’re on the hook. Ask yourself a few basic questions first: Do you actually have a lot of experience in this field? How big are the consequences, for both you and your clients, if you make a mistake? Lastly, consider how much a self-done job will cost you in both time and money. Even if a project is cheaper to do on your own, remember that you’ll need to possibly buy new tools and materials, and any time you spend on your home may equal time you could have spent elsewhere. Once you factor everything in, it’s very possibly that your savings won’t be so huge.

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