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My friends and family always want to stay at my rental. How do I handle this special situation?

I don't want to turn them away, but I do run a business.

Asked By: Mike

Tags: Inquiries

1 Answers


You have a few payment options when dealing with friends or family. If they're requesting use of your home during a high season, let them know that your rates are typically higher but offer them the minimum you can charge, and make them aware of it. Or maybe your rental home barely gets rented on weekdays anyway: you can charge them for the weekends you'd normally charge for anyway, but add on weekdays for free. Some homeowners find that advertising special free weekends on a first-come-first-serve basis works well, and others prefer to barter with their loved ones for an exchange of services. Don't feel pigeonholed into letting them stay for free, because compromises are easy.