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I've got a 3-night minimum for my rental, but a guest only wants to book it for the weekend. What should I do?

Typically I want a renter to stay for at least 3 nights because it's costly to turn over the property sooner and provides me with more stable revenue. But, I often get requests for less than 3 nights.

1 Answers

Many vacation home renters are wary of renting out to a family for just a Saturday and Sunday, opting instead for a secure long-term investment. It makes sense for traveler because they can't cut time out of work on either Friday or Monday. You may believe that it's financially not worth your time to rent for just two days, but consider making a price adjustment and explaining this to the traveler. Simply quote them an amount equal to a three-night stay, which means they're welcome to come up on Friday night and stay until late Sunday. From your perspective, you'll be reserving the property anyway.