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I'm having plumbing problems at my vacation rental. Should I hire a professional?

I have an older home and need to redo some of the plumbing. Is it realistic I could take this on myself or should I hire a pro?

Asked By: Mike

Tags: Maintenance New to Renting Property Management

1 Answers

There are several clear risks when taking on plumbing tasks yourself. The primary question is whether your actions will potentially harm yourself or your potential clients: unclogging a drain, for example, is a relatively safe and easy procedure; if you know how to do it yourself, or feel comfortable to quickly and effectively learn the skill online, then by all means it's a good idea to save yourself some money.

Bigger plumbing problems, however, such as dealing with eroded or burst pipes, or anything that could lead to flooding or a deep clog, are often better handled by professionals, lest they become an unnecessary mess.

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