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I want to target corporate travelers for my vacation rental. How do I get started?

I think my vacation rental would be perfect for renting to corporate travelers in the off-season.

1 Answers

It's easy to target corporate travelers once you understand what they're looking for. If they're considering a rental home over a hotel, odds are they want more space. Be sure to emphasize in your ad each individual room you have to offer.

If your home has excellent surroundings, remember that working travelers would probably appreciate a stroll in between work or meetings to take in the scenery -- business travel is, after all, still a type of travel.

Underline the leisure aspects and do research into nearby sights, even looking into car rental rates for them. They will likely be preoccupied by work most of the time, so the most you can customize it and provide them with pre-researched knowledge, the happier they'll be.