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I heard that some preventative maintenance can help reduce my insurance costs. Is that true?

If so, does it matter if I do the maintenance myself or do I need it done by a licensed professional?

Asked By: Mike

Tags: Insurance Maintenance

1 Answers

The first step in trying to save on insurance costs is to just call an insurance agent. Ask them what's covered and what can get you a discount. Small maintenance tasks like installing smoke detectors, adding deadbolt locks on exterior doors and replacing old rubber washing machine hoses with stainless steel ones are all fairly easy to do yourself and might spare you some insurance costs.

However, other, larger tasks may not be worth the effort. In general, plumbing or electrical projects are usually better dealt with by an external company. Yard work, too, depending on its significance (cutting down a large tree, for example) can be more costly in the long run. It's best to investigate individual issues before acting.

For more on home renovations, including some depth about plumbing and electrical work, read about DIY vs. professional vacation rental maintenance.