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I get a lot of tire kickers who just want to know my rates and whether their dates are available, but never book. What am I doing wrong?

Is there a better way to turn away those just browsing and better attract those looking to book?

Asked By: Mike

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1 Answers


You can convert browsers into buyers chiefly by exceeding their expectations. If they ask about rates, respond with more than that - let them know about festivals or others goings-on in the neighborhood, or link them to other sources of information relevant to their trip (if you can). Sometimes even a simply phone call instead of a generic email response to their inquiry can make a difference, simply by making you seem more personable and forthright. 

You can never stop aimless browsers from contacting you - some sources say the average ratio of inquiries to clients is 5:1, though it also depends on the season - but you can, with quality customer service, try to surprise a few browsers by showing them real value.

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