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How should I promote my home for rent during a local event in town?

There is a big event coming to town and I'm going to rent out my home to travelers.

1 Answers

If you'd like to showcase your vacation home for rent during a local event, you should first ensure that you're complying with local laws and tax collection policies regarding short term rentals. Once you've also verified your policy on short-term rentals with your insurance company, you're ready to start attracting would-be renters.

Take clear, bright photographs of every room of your rental home and write an extensive description to accompany them. Post this information on both short-term rental niche sites and classified sites like Craigslist, along with a fair price and rental agreement terms. For maximum exposure, reach out to the local event organizers and ask about highlighting your property on their official website - you're much more likely to find motivated renters that way.

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