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How do I protect myself from international scams?

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from international renters. How do I know which ones I should follow up with and which ones are scams?

1 Answers

It’s not a great thing to be paranoid, but a bit of paranoia is necessary to keep your business and yourself safe. The two most common international scams are “phishing”, a.k.a. when someone tries to gain access to your email account, and “accidentally” overpaying and requesting that you return the difference. With regard to the latter, it’s best practice to ask for exact payment and not confirm any rentals until their initial payment has cleared.

You should also try to avoid being too paranoid. International travelers will obviously not have as firm a grasp of the English language as you do, and remember that bank transfers are also more common in countries outside North America. You should still be wary of MoneyGram and Western Union, however.