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How do I get more reviews for my vacation rental?

I need more reviews for my rental in order to gain more credibility and rank higher on searches.

1 Answers


For businesses, customer testimonials and reviews are an excellent way to build up reputation and credibility. If you keep your guests happy during their stay, they are more likely to share their good experiences with others.

To make reviewing easier, prepare a feedback form or survey beforehand. Keep it user-friendly and avoid making your survey too long. Just a few questions, a comment box and/or a rating scale will suffice. Always be open to any praise or criticism that you will receive.

You can also leverage the power of the Web for reviews. Email, online guestbooks, social media and online review sites- these can be great tools for encouraging your guests to give feedback and endorsements. Establishing a rapport with good reviewers will also help your business in the long run.

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