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How do I determine what seasons are applicable for my rental?

I just bought my vacation rental and the competition seems to have mixed dates for high and low seasons. How do I determine which ones I should use?

Asked By: Mike

Tags: New to Renting Rates

1 Answers

Most price calendars move with the school year. Vacation rental homes' rates will differ with their amenities and priorities: some might advertise being close to a ski slope, therefore raise their winter prices during a time when a beachfront home would lower them.

Consider what your home offers, seasonally. Is it near a river or lake? During what season would you most enjoy spending time there? That's your high season.

You can also consider your clients' schedules and charge accordingly there. Take advantage of the fact that you'll be busier certain months of the year and work it to your advantage: some vacation renters use it as an opportunity to set minimum stay requirements, whereas others prefer to charge a minimum year-round.

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