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How do I create a newsletter for my vacation rental?

I want to send out a monthly newsletter to my renters. What should I include? Are there any specific email programs you would recommend?

1 Answers

There are 5 easy steps you should follow to create a newsletter for your vacation rental.

Step 1: Create your contact list
Gather up your past renters and those who want to receive emails from you.

Step 2: Decide your newsletter's purpose
Pick a theme - maybe seasonal.

Step 3: Collect content for your newsletter
Find articles relating to the theme like upcoming events, local activities, new improvements to your home, etc.

Step 4: Build your newsletter
Tools like MailChimp and ConstantContact help you easily send out CAN-SPAM compliant emails that look great.

Step 5: Newsletter logistics
Choose a catchy subject line and be sure to include a link to your website for more info.

Resource: 5 Steps to a Business-Building Newsletter