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How do I advertise my vacation rental on Craigslist?

I've heard a lot about Craigslist for marketing my vacation rental, but I don't really know where to start.

1 Answers


Craigslist is seen by many as a stand-up comedy punchline, but don't forget how it got so popular: it's a simple classifieds page, easy to read and navigate, offering a free forum to anyone in the world. 
Start by creating an account and selecting your location. When you're ready to make a post, be sure to write an attention-grabbing headline -- be wary of using all caps, because people read that as screaming -- and write an honest, articulate description in the body text. (Proofread, too; there's so much nonsense on Craigslist that buyers often appreciate good grammar.) Finally, add a few clear and helpful photos. 
Your post will expire after seven days, but you can make an identical new one after that if you're still looking for a renter.