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How can I make sure I’m meeting the expectations of international travelers?

I often get requests from international travelers and inevitably something comes up that I hadn’t encountered in the past. What should I do to make sure I am communicating the right information up front?

1 Answers

There are any number of ways to ensure that there’s no confusion between you and your international guests. One primary method is by simply having a website; even if you think it will be too much extra work, consider that all you need to do is set one up, upload professional photos (you should really do this regardless of whether you have a website; it reduces the possibility of confusion for anyone, even domestic clients) and create an FAQ section to clearly answer common questions.

You may also want to consider hiring a bilingual troubleshooter. This is especially a good idea if you’ve noticed most of your clients come from a country with a common foreign language. Remember: you always want to cater to your pre-existing client base, but spending some extra time targeting international renters can help you grow your business.