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How can I make my vacation rental business paperless?

I want to reduce waste and be more environmentally friendly.

1 Answers

Operating a fully paperless vacation rental business is easier than you'd think. Promoting your home exclusively online will certainly not drop your level of business. For contact information, there are online contact management companies that make it easy to keep all your contacts in one place. Many utilities, banks and service operators offer electronic billing options; online calendars like Google Calendar are excellent resources for when you want multiple colors and shared itineraries that can remain private from other users.

While many still prefer a hard copy contract, electronic signatures have been legally viable for years; if anything, it's safer, because you can keep it in an email for yourself. Accepting payment by protected online companies like PayPal is oftentimes safer, too, than sharing credit card numbers or fumbling with lost receipts; keeping spreadsheets and records online makes it easier and faster to find past information.

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