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How can I better prepare my home and guests in the case of a disaster or emergency?

During the recent hurricane my vacation rental was unoccupied, but I couldn’t help but think about what I would have done should it have been rented. What should I do to prepare my home and my guests if there is an emergency?

1 Answers

You can protect your home through preventive vacation rental maintenance, whether you do it yourself or hire contractors. Proactively fortifying your home against disaster can reduce your risk of significant damage.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has compiled a searchable portfolio of projects that different individuals and groups have done to mitigate losses, like fire-resistant vegetation in California or building a safe room as protection from tornadoes in Alabama.

You also need to protect your guests with supplies and a plan. Create an emergency kit containing:

  • a basic first aid kit
  • local emergency numbers
  • your contact information
  • a local map
  • information sources including websites, community organizations, and local radio stations
  • a designated meeting place on your property
  • a community meeting place, if applicable
  • a contact number for people who speak other languages, particularly if this is one of your vacation rental target markets

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