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A traveler asked for a discount. How do I say no or negotiate better rate?

I received an inquiry from a traveler asking for a discount off my published rate. Should I consider the offer and negotiate or stand firm on my rates?

1 Answers

Rarely when a traveler tries to bargain you down do they expect for you to roll over and simply give them that price. They're asking for a compromise. If you offer a small discount that still makes sense for you financially, it will likely appease them, or at least give them the satisfaction of having gotten a better-than-market price. If they want a lower rate at a peak season time, especially if you've received other offers at full price, politely decline (and feel free to explain why) but offer them a lower-cost time of year. If they're not interested in that, create a waitlist in the event that another traveler cancels at the last minute.