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What are the different classifications of property managers?

Some seem to do marketing, some management, some both. It's very confusing.

Why should I have a video for my vacation rental?

A lot of guests have been asking me to send them a video of my property.

What are the pros and cons of charging for damage insurance?

I currently take a security deposit, but am thinking about just charging for insurance instead.

What are the pros and cons of accepting a security deposit for my vacation rental?

I currently charge for damage insurance, but am thinking about switching.

Should I take a security deposit or charge for insurance?

What do other vacation rental owners do?

Should I rent my second home out as a vacation rental?

I have a second home that I'm thinking about turning into a vacation rental.

What are some specific examples of things I can post to my vacation rental Facebook Page?

Can you share some real examples of what I would write to my fans?

What are some ways I can make my vacation rental more eco-friendly?

I want to green my home and reduce my home's impact (and guest's) impact on the environment.

My friends and family always want to stay at my rental. How do I handle this special situation?

I don't want to turn them away, but I do run a business.

Why should I list my vacation rental on Yahoo local?

My address will appear in the search results, which concerns me, but is it worth it overall for the added exposure to my business?