Channel management

Robust, built-in direct connections to 70+ top travel listing sites let you advertise everywhere from one centralized platform with no third-party channel manager required. Simply put - the best channel management you'll find in any vacation rental software.

  • Real-time availability calendar
  • Pricing & fees that sync without extra setup
  • Only upload your property content once
  • Manage inquiries across all channels from your unified inbox
  • Manage your building's unit-type inventory and listings
  • Send confirmations & important info to guests via MyVR
  • Process payments for all of your channel bookings
  • A consistent channel management experience
  • Channel-preferred software
  • Certified, official direct integrations to ensure your listing success
* Listing synchronization capabilities may vary by channel partner.

The complete solution

  • Manage your listings from one centralized dashboard
  • Eliminate the need for multiple channel logins
  • Update your listings once and seamlessly distribute to your channel partners
  • List and manage representative unit-type inventory — like 1 or 2 bedroom apartments, across multiple channels

Integrate with the channels that perform

  • Direct connections to the 5 major brands and their 70+ listing sites
  • Scale your business across channels from one unified dashboard
  • Maximize performance with automation and proprietary industry insights

MyVR's Global Distribution System (GDS)

  • MyVR's Global Distribution System (GDS) connects you to more than 600,000 travel agencies around the world. Giving you access to agents who use a 'GD' chain code to search for units and rooms.
  • Reach the world’s top travel management companies previously only accessible to Fortune 500 companies and other corporations.
  • Consolidate and market your listings for multiple units into one unit-type listing to increase search rankings on travel sites. Connect with business travelers via the GDS and other channels built around unit-types.

Channel-preferred software

  • End unwanted software glitches and breakdowns
  • Gain peace of mind knowing your software passes ongoing, rigorous channel certifications and automatically double-checks listing availability before a guest books
  • Experience our Preferred Software Partner status

State-of-the-art channel management

When we say we do it all, we mean it. MyVR uses modern technology to cut out unreliable third-party middleware so you can grow your business with data you can trust.


Success on any channel

  • No more double bookings – accurate reservation calendar and rates.
  • No third-party channel manager – own your data and sync quickly.
  • Eliminate hidden third-party channel manager fees with direct payment processing.

Unified Property Data

  • Update your property information once and it seamlessly updates all your marketing channels.
  • Reduce management time: There's just one calendar, one set of rates, one set of photos, and one comprehensive set of property information to keep up-to-date.
  • Avoid dreaded double bookings and maintain a holistic view of your inventory.

Centralized Communications

  • Manage inquiries from multiple channels through one centralized inbox.
  • Track reservations from multiple sources in one place.
  • Use our automated messaging tools to automatically respond to renters across all marketing channels.