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Booking Commission


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* This App has In-App Purchases - Details

Integration Overview

MyVR is happy to offer “channel management” for the TripAdvisor listing sites (including FlipKey) to professional property managers. Channel management with TripAdvisor works very differently for clients with fewer than 5 listings compared to those with 5 or more. If you will have fewer than 5 listings, please learn more about that application here instead.

MyVR can automate the management of your TripAdvisor channel in order to save you time, improve your conversion with renters, and reduce the risk of costly errors (like double bookings). Please review this entire education section so you can understand how it works, whether it's right for you, and how to get started.

For customers with 5 or more listings, we are currently able to offer management of subscription listings, pay-per-lead listings, and pay-per-booking listings.

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How it Works

When you have successfully installed this application and completed the integration, MyVR will populate your listings for you through our direct integration with TripAdvisor's databases, which saves you the time and hassle of updating multiple listing sites, while also ensuring your listings' information is up to date.

Because this integration allows you to route your inquiries into your centralized MyVR inbox, you can apply MyVR's powerful software tools on any business coming in from this channel -- such as inquiry autoresponders, our low credit card processing rates, and our automated renter communications.

Following is a summary of how certain aspects work via this integration:

Item Description
Listing Ownership Under this integration, you negotiate and purchase your listings directly from TripAdvisor. MyVR is happy to refer you to the right person at TripAdvisor if you need to purchase listings.
Listing Management The listings will reside in your own property manager account at TripAdvisor/FlipKey, but the listings will be populated by the data in your MyVR account. Once you initiate listing population from MyVR, your MyVR data will overwrite whatever is in your TripAdvisor account. Changes to your listing for items we populate (e.g. rates, descriptions, calendar updates) occur within MyVR's software.  You no longer make changes to those fields directly at the listing site, and any changes you make there will be overwritten by MyVR at the next sync.
Listing Purchases You can purchase new listings directly from TripAdvisor. New listings purchased can be managed by MyVR, but you must provide MyVR the information for this listing within the channel management section in the MyVR software.
Listing Support Questions Questions about your listing are primarily handled by MyVR, but for certain items (to purchase/cancel listings or modify online booking settings), you'll contact TripAdvisor directly.
Renter Transactions & Bank Transfers

Transactions you make from inquiries you have received are processed through your MyVR-integrated merchant account (and not by TripAdvisor) and the money is transferred to your bank account according to the normal process (within as few as 2 days in the U.S.).

Transactions made from “Book Now” online booking requests (if enabled, and including from pay-per-booking listings) will occur within your TripAdvisor PM account and be processed by TripAdvisor.  Note: these reservations will not be automatically entered into MyVR's software and will need to be manually entered (TripAdvisor's API doesn't support the export of reservations).

Alerts & Notifications You can set up inquiry or booking request notifications via email and text from within your MyVR account.
Pay-Per-Booking Commissions Subscription listings have no booking commissions, but pay-per-booking listings pay a % of the booking to TripAdvisor, per the financial agreement you strike directly with TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor also offers property manager a pay-per-lead option, where you pay a flat fee per lead.
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Listing Sync Details

Information is pushed/pulled to/from your listing at different intervals which depend upon the frequency offered by the channel partner.  Following is a summary of the information that is synced between MyVR's software and TripAdvisor listings via this integration:

It is important that the information in your MyVR account meets TripAdvisor's requirements in order to minimize any errors during our syncing with them.  MyVR provides visibility into your listing's data population, showing you the syncing history of your listing and alerting you to any known issues when syncing to your properties' listings.
Info Sync Method

MyVR pushes to TripAdvisor in real-time when changes are made, and we push again nightly as a back-up.
Rates MyVR pushes to TripAdvisor in real-time when changes are made, and we push again nightly as a back-up.
Property Data (photos, descriptions, etc) MyVR pushes to TripAdvisor in real-time when changes are made, and we push again nightly as a back-up.
Reviews Reviews are accepted onto your listings as usual but currently there is no ability to push reviews to or from your software, or to reply to your reviews from your software (MyVR will add this after the TripAdvisor API supports it).
Inquiries TripAdvisor pushes to MyVR in real-time
“Book Now” Booking Requests TripAdvisor pushes to MyVR in real-time (they must be processed within your TripAdvisor account).
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Should I Integrate?

The value one gets from channel management increases as you add more marketing channels or more properties, because the main benefit is automating a lot of manual work and reducing errors, such as inaccurate calendars and double bookings. Many larger clients couldn't survive without it, but many small clients also benefit greatly from the time savings and improved performance and professionalism.

It's best to weigh the decision for yourself before adding channel management to your operations. To help you decide, following is a brief summary of the pros and cons for this channel, as they have been relayed to us by our customers:

  • Keep your rates, calendar, and property data synced across all channels automatically.
  • No longer manually update several calendars in several places.
  • All your inquiries come into the centralized MyVR inbox, where you benefit from unlimited response templates, inquiry autoresponders, and more.
  • Manage your reservations from multiple channels in a centralized place at MyVR.
  • Get credit from TripAdvisor for frequent calendar updates, which helps your listing quality score.
  • Should you respond to inquiries within MyVR's centralized Inbox, MyVR's Channel Responder sends a reply through the channel on all inquiries, boosting your response rate and, over time, your listing ranking.


  • Booking requests from online bookings (when enabled, and including from pay-per-booking listings) can not be processed from within MyVR's software, as the TripAdvisor API does not enable that.  These bookings will need to be processed within your TripAdvisor account and, if you want all reservations within MyVR's software, copied to MyVR manually.
  • Having a third party overwrite the data in your account can sometimes be confusing for some users.  Don't change the data in your TripAdvisor account that MyVR is populating, as MyVR will overwrite it at the next sync.
  • MyVR's ability to sync your data to your listings relies upon the successful functioning of our partner's API's (while they are typically very reliable, you shouldn't expect them to work perfectly, 100% of the time).
  • You must go through MyVR for any support issues you have with the listing (there is a support team at TripAdvisor that we work with when needed).
  • For bookings you conduct within MyVR, this channel's APIs do not support the reporting back of transaction conversions, so you will not have a conversion rate with the channel. This is known to negatively impact listing ranking.
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For customers of the TripAdvisor for Property Managers integration (5 or more listings), you will negotiate and purchase the listings directly from TripAdvisor and then initiate the channel management offering at MyVR in order to have your MyVR software integrate with those listings. For smaller clients (with fewer than 5 listings), you may purchase listings and manage them through MyVR.

All listings will be subject to a {! application.base_pricing_item.price * 100 !}% MyVR management fee for the net amount of any bookings.

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How to Integrate

Initiate a channel management request within this application after you've installed it. We will walk you through the process, what you need to do, and will work directly with TripAdvisor and you throughout your integration timeline. You can check back on the status of your listing creation at any time by checking the installed application details within the Channels section of MyVR. Listings are usually launched in less than a week from the time that full property data has been uploaded, and in some cases may only take a few days.

Application Add-Ons

This application has additional features you can purchase to enhance its functionality.

Feature Price

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Booking Commission