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Booking Commission


3rd Party App
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Integration Overview

Tap into the 750M+ monthly visits1 to Expedia Group’s family of 200+ online travel sites by listing your properties on Expedia and their related brands through MyVR’s direct and complete integration.

MyVR is committed to helping our Property Managers improve performance, grow bookings and increase revenue. Through this integration, you will be able to:

  • Access more travelers, including last-minute and international travelers across known brand like Travelocity, Trivago and Orbitz
  • Reach more markets by presenting your properties to new audiences not specifically looking for short-term rentals
  • Stand out from the crowd, by easily and accurately listing on a channel that is not yet optimized for property managers

MyVR will partner with you to ensure a smooth onboarding and integration - leveraging our knowledge of Expedia’s nuances & unique technical requirements - opening up a new frontier for you.

The Expedia App is still in Beta. If you are interested in participating please request access.

1 Expedia Group's Investor Presentation Feb 7, 2019

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How it Works

MyVR’s state-of-the-art, direct channel integration keeps your Expedia listings fresh by dynamically updating your photos, amenities and listing policies while preventing double bookings with up-to-the-minute rate and availability synchronization. This functionality uses the same data to power all of your other MyVR channels so you can do the work once for all your listing channels. Reservations booked through Expedia will be automatically imported into the MyVR system, consolidating all your reservations in one place.

Automatic Synchronization for:
  • Rates
  • Availability
  • Photos
  • Amenities
  • Minimum stay requirements
  • Reservations
  • Reservation Changes
Channel Features
  • Instant Bookings
  • Collect payments direct to your merchant account
  • Receive Inquiries - Not Supported by Expedia
  • Message with Guests
  • Instant Reservation Import
  • You get to be merchant of record
  • Real-time rates and availability sync
  • Process Credit Cards Automatically

Item Description
Listing Ownership You own the listings
Listing Management You are in full control of your listing data
Listing Support Questions You will have an Expedia account manager
Renter Transactions & Bank Transfers You will be merchant of record
Pay-Per-Booking Commissions Typically 20%
Alerts & Notifications Through MyVR
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Listing Sync Details

Info Sync Method
Property Data (Photos, Descriptions, etc.) Automatic
Rates Automatic
Availability Automatic
Inquiries & Booking Requests Instant booking only
Reviews Managed through your Expedia login
Reservations & Payouts You are merchant of record
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Should I Integrate?

Expedia is a good fit for managers who want to boost their occupancy rates and attract new guests from outside their standard audience. While Expedia is one of the more expensive distribution channels, they can command that price by delivering significant reservation volumes from a huge user base.

Success on Expedia may require a bit more planning than other channels. This additional planning will ensure that you achieve your objectives without having to absorb the additional commission costs from your margin. You should take time to think about what types of new reservations you want to attract. Do you want longer stays? More offseason bookings? An increase in average daily revenue?

MyVR’s channel management and pricing tools can help you make Expedia an additive marketing and guest acquisition channel without negatively impacting your existing business.

  • Get shown on the websites of well known brands.
  • Reach travelers that may not be typical Vacation Rental travelers.
  • Limited competition from other properties in your category.
  • Attract new guests.
  • Commission is higher than some other channels.
  • Initial onboarding process will take some time.
  • Instant booking is required which can require some process changes.
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Expedia typically charges a 20% commission on both the rent and on any additional fees you include. MyVR charges {! application.base_pricing_item.price * 100 !}% of the rental fees for bookings you receive from Expedia along with the standard credit card processing fees.

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How to Integrate

The Expedia App is still in Beta. If you are interested in participating please request access.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Booking Commission